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In the wake of her fourth studio album Divers, released today, captivating songwriter-harpist Joanna Newsom announces her return to Australia in January 2016. Taking in the East Coast on her fifth Australian visit, Joanna will grace the stages of Melbourne’s Hamer Hall on 19th January, followed by a Concert Hall appearance at the Sydney Opera House on 21st January as part of the already announced Sydney Festival program, and Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) on 23rd January.

Divers is not a puzzle to crack, but a dialog that generously articulates the intimate chasm of loss, the way it’s both irrational and very real” – Pitchfork ‘Best New Music’

“Her style blends the luminous arpeggios of the classical- and folk-harp traditions with African syncopation — crisp, snappy, interlocking rhythms.” – The New York Times

“Lyrically, ‘Sapokanikan’ is bookish, but its melodies are more than infectious enough to leave it ringing in your head long after its five minute run time has passed.” – NME On Repeat

October – and we’re still poised to bounce exponentially higher to increase velocity for when we splash into the technicoloured depths of Joanna Newsom’s Divers! A clear sightline now fully reveals the limitlessness of this momentous album, and the tectonic plate shift each new announcement brings. An Australian tour! With two songs off Divers already officially “dropped” – first ‘Sapokanikan’, presented with the Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood)-directed video, and second, ‘Leaving The City’, accompanied by the beautiful imagery of visual artist Kim Keever – can you fathom the idea of even more Newsom-excitement coming your way? 
Come January, Joanna and band will perform at theaters along the East Coast in support of Divers, treating Australian audiences to a musical experience like no other!