Australian fans will finally hear Grammy-nominated, indie-rock icon Liz Phair play from her seminal debut album Exile In Guyville – which was remastered and reissued for its 25th Anniversary earlier this year – on her 2019 East Coast tour.

Twenty-five years after its release during the peak of the grunge movement, Phair’s influence in alternative rock – and particularly over female voices in the genre – can still be felt. Upon its recent anniversary, Rolling Stone described the record as “a brash, candid and swaggering album that became a key addition to the alternative-rock canon.”


“Phair was ahead of her time with Exile In Guyville … and she knows it. Bringing these songs back isn’t just for nostalgia’s sake. They’ve never been more relevant.” – Stereogum

“Ms. Phair was defiant and sexual and unapologetic and vulnerable at once — a kind of girl-next-door casually swinging a sledgehammer at rock ’n’ roll as we knew it, singing about sex, love and power in a direct, unmediated way that few women before her had.” – The Guardian