Shellac’s formation was completed when Bob Weston moved to Chicago in 1992 and joined drummer Todd Trainer and guitarist Steve Albini who had already been playing together.

They played their first shows in Chicago in 1993, and their first out of town shows later that year in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

Since then, the band has released 5 LPs and a few 7-inch singles. The most recent LP, Dude Incredible, was released in September of 2014. All of Shellac’s records are released by Touch and Go Records.

The band members all work for a living and the band is their pastime, so they don’t tour often or for long. Concerts and touring have no correlation with album releases, but they tour when they have the time and inclination. They love playing music together.

The band will continue to release albums and play concerts at the same sporadic pace indefinitely.

They return to Australia for their third tour, playing in The Supernatural Amphitheatre at Meredith Music Festival and headline shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.