“His greatest strength, as always, lies in his gift for arresting melodies and hooks, drawing inspiration from late-’60s and early-’70s rock.” – NPR

An escapist, shifting through musical identities and writing albums that are their own unique biospheres of guitar fuzz, black light, and mystique.– Pitchfork

Ty Segall will undertake his biggest Australian tour to date this December – announcing Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Brisbane headline dates atop an appearance in the ‘Sup for Meredith Music Festival. It’s a run to match the garage prodigy’s extensive new double album Manipulator, released tomorrow on Spunk Records…all seventeen glorious songs of it.

Dealing in both quality and quantity, Ty Segall’s legacy owes eight studio albums and just as many genre bending collaborations, while his cult live show has hit countless global stages from Coachella to Primavera and Bonnaroo. Call it searing garage-punk or visceral hard rock; Nuggets-schooled psych or thrashing, straight up rock’n’roll. At 27, he’s California’s guitar laureate – rarely short a new record or riff.

Ty first visited Australia on his Goodbye Bread chapter in 2011 – the crest of an eighteen month marathon on which he toured relentlessly and dropped four new records: his break-out solo releases Twins and Sleeper and the collaborative Hair and Slaughterhouse no less.

On Manipulator, Ty’s straight-to-tape ethos came face to face with a studio proper, toiling on new tunes – ‘Susie Thumb’, ‘The Faker’ and ‘Feel’ among them – for close to a year. Notes Pitchfork“Every single thing Segall has ever been good at is here, refined and sharpened and polished until it feels like a platonic expression of itself.” Watch an extended Album Trailer for Manipulator here.

Joined by the full band line-up of bassist Mikal Cronin, guitarist Charlie Moothart and drummer Emily Epstein, the self-described “loud, gnarly, screaming” four-piece are world renowned for their devastating performances, topping two-minute burners with distortion-fuelled epics in a live show that’s as far-reaching as Ty’s catalogue itself.

Returning to Australia with a new galaxy of sounds and songs, special guests for Ty Segall’s December tour will be announced shortly.