“A simple stunner that lets you get back in touch with the teenager you wished you were.” Pitchfork.
Wavves is musical outlet for the charmingly careless Nathan Williams. The skateboarding, video gaming, weed smoking, Seinfeld enthusiast will be making his highly anticipated journey to Australia in March 2011.
San Diego born and bred, Williams shot to prominence in 2009 when much to his amusement, the two lo-fi punk rock albums he recorded at his parents’ house were quickly embraced and touted as “the next big thing” by online music critics and bloggers.

In 2010 Wavves released ‘King of the Beach’, an adventurous andambitious record complete with Williams’ recognisable sunshiny melodies. The underlying theme of summer, weed and boredom still remain, but unlike previously released material, ‘King of the Beach’ was toiled over for three months in a studio by producer Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, The Hives).

Another difference in the making of ‘King of the Beach’ was that Williams wrote and recorded two songs with bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes. The duo became his touring band at the end of 2009, and formerly backed the much loved, recently departed garage rock force of nature Jay Reatard.

Join Wavves, the king of the slackers, at Golden Plains Festival in March as well as shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

“Summer anthems about being a slacker and smoking weed have never been written with such convincing pep and energy.” Triple J, feature album.