“Possessed of deep groove and genuine soul.”
– triple j magazine

“Longevity urges us to live in the moment, No Bones flips the bird at convention, Reagan’s Skeleton smudges your ears with a post-club grunt.”
– Herald Sun, 4.5 stars

“Never anything less than impressive.”
– The Guardian

Celebrating the release of their new album Fragrant World, Brooklyn’s psychedelic experimentalists Yeasayer will return to Australia, announcing headlining performances at Sydney’s Metro Theatre and Melbourne’s Hi Fi, and appearing nationally on Laneway Festival.

Yeasayer’s first sold-out tour with 2010’s crossover hit, Odd Blood would soon warrant an encore, with the band returning quickly to spend summer on 2011’s Laneway Festival – their final dates before beginning work on Fragrant World.

Chris Keating, Ira Wolf-Tuton and Anand Wilder holed up in Gary’s Electric Studios, Greenpoint to self-produce this third album, pulling from every musical source imaginable – Italo-pop and warped electronica; R&B and twisted disco.

On Fragrant World, keyboards clank and wheeze, tiny claps stumble against busted drum machines, and the band’s love for synthesisers is omnipresent through its elevated melodic sounds.

First revealed online with a treasure hunt of vignette teasers – including Henrietta and Longevity– the record comes to full bloom on the gothic, highly addictive Reagan’s Skeleton.

Their immersive live performances are world renowned, and reach new heights with the dense and beautiful sounds of Fragrant World. For a taste of what’s to come, the band recently filmed a live ‘Pool Session’ for their current single ‘Reagan’s Skeleton’ here.

When fans purchase their concert ticket, they can add on the digital download of Yeasayer’s latest album Fragrant World. The download will be available shortly after transaction is complete.