Black Lips, the hell-raising rock’n’roll quartet from Atlanta, make their welcome return to Australia this March. Already announced for Golden Plains and Adelaide Festival, this national tour marks the third by the Lips following their raucous inaugural dates way back in 2007. They have continued to tear apart stages all over the world and March 2012 shall be no different as the misadventures continue at headline shows in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

2011 saw the release of Black Lips’ sixth album, Arabia Mountain. Although they’ve retired the 4- track cassette recorder in favour of Grammy-winning super producer Mark Ronson, they have by no means turned their backs on the storming punk and garage-rock that is the core of their confrontational style. Recording with Ronson allowed them to work at a more relaxed pace and refine their songs, the result described by Pitchfork as “chiseled production and considerably tighter songcraft provid(ing) a better forum for showcasing the band’s subversive sense of humor.”

“Ronson’s dash of throwback style topped with the band’s signature wild-child tendencies that make this album an impeccable partnership. It’s so perfect of a fit, in fact, that Arabia Mountain not only emerges as the Lips’ best-sounding record, but arguably their finest album to date.” – Paste Magazine